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The Reference Process
The standard reference includes name, social security number, date hired, date separated, salary upon hiring, salary upon separation, title and job responsibilities. We provide either a toll free 800 number or a local telephone number for the company. The client can decide which should be used. All calls will be answered by a live operator.

The enhanced reference includes more information on responsibilities, major tasks accomplished and goals reached, performance reports, and much more verbiage covering other questions a potential employer might ask. This enhanced information is presented to our trained operators in a sophisticated manner so that they can answer questions and conduct the conversation as if it was all from memory. It will not sound like they are reading a script, rather it will sound very natural. Our employees are highly trained professionals.

After you sign up, our client member area provides more information and details on the process. We have extensive forms to be completed, and we provide guidelines for what information and documentation would be helpful. If you have documentation of the employment it should be collected and sent to us following the guidelines provided. It will be then used in the research procedure and promptly returned to you.

There are some limitations on our services. We reserve the right to refuse to provide a reference for you if the information we obtain is extremely derogatory and/or if the position involves public safety, and under some other select circumstances. Research fees will not be refunded. The portion of the fee which actually covers providing the references of $49.95 (or $69.95 for an enhanced reference) will be promptly refunded.

We have other benefits not available any other way. We notify you of each reference provided. Not only do you know how your resume/applications are doing, we provide a report on the conversation. If the potential employer had specific questions we could not answer or specific areas of concern, we will let you know. A report will be written immediately following the call. When our full software suite is completed, you will be emailed this report immediately following the call. Currently the report is sent at the end of the day.

You will thus know how many reference calls you are using up. If you use up the 20 call allotment before the month is over, you may purchase additional blocks of 4 calls at $10 for the block. For enhanced references, a block of 5 calls is $20. If you use up the 20 calls and do not buy more, we will not be able to provide additional references. If you are the only former employee of that particular employer, we simply do not answer that line.

If you are the only employee of a particular employer, when your month expires the telephone number we have provided will be immediately disconnected. If you are going to use more than one month, we strongly suggest you renew your account at least three business days before it expires.

If other former employees of that particular company are also clients, the number will remain connected until we have no more current clients for that company. If the line is disconnected and we later have a person from the same company sign up, a new 800 number will be assigned.

If you use our service, find a job, are separated and are looking for another job, DO NOT use the number we have previously assigned. Chances are that number will no longer belong to us or be assigned to that employer. If we do still have the number and you do not have an account, we will tell the caller that we have no information to provide.

Our operators answer the call as "Human Resources" or "Personnel Office". If the employer called their HR office something else, we can use that term. We will ask the client which term is most correct. Generally we are working under contract for the employer and will also answer with the name of the employer. If a caller questions any of this, we will simply explain that we are Blue Planet Offices, an outsourced reference service working under contract for the employer.

All information we collect is handled and stored as private and confidential information. We maintain secure facilities and operators and other employees are unable to copy any files from our databases or remove any data devices from our offices. Employees are well trained and properly paid. Servers are kept in secure areas. All servers have mirrored hard drives, UPS protection and data centers have fire suppression systems. All data is backed up off premises outside of Florida and duplicated between our call centers. Our main offices are located in Key West Florida together will a relatively modest call center. A larger call center is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Additional call centers will be opened when business requires and other facilities are available for our use upon request.

Data collected is used only as intended, for job reference purposes. It will not be loaned, sold or rented. We do not collect our clients' address or telephone number. We do ask for an email address but that is used internally only for sending reports to the client. We thus can never write or call the client or sell/rent mailing lists. We do not collect or store any information that is not necessary for the reference and its verification. At the end of the 30 day contract period we will likely send a single email asking if the client has found employment and what they thought of our service.

The following reference blocks are in addition to those included with our reference services which have limits on the number of inquiries per signup period. You MUST signup for one of our reference services and use the following options ONLY if you are running out of inquiry credits before the time frame paid for has expired.

Block of 4 Standard Reference Inquiries -- $10.00

Customer Name:

Block of 5 Enhanced Reference Inquiries -- $20.00

Customer Name:

Your-References.com is a service of Blue Planet Offices, Inc.. You will only be billed once.

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