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Filtered Personal References
What do you do when your job is your life, and then it is gone? Many jobs are all consuming and what little time you have left is spent with your family. Your friends are probably your co-workers, and maybe they are let go too.

It is not uncommon for an employer to manufacture reasons to let employees go so that they don't have to pay unemployment compensation. The business may even mess with your reputation with your co-workers making it difficult to use any of them as a personal reference. We have seen some really bizarre behavior on the part of employers and truth is often and usually is much stranger than fiction.

When you are looking for that new job, who are you going to use for a personal reference? Maybe you will stay in touch with former co-workers, but probably not. Are you going to use your next door neighbor or a family friend as a personal reference? We know you need professional references that can provide information that is relevant and useful to a potential employer.

A potential employer is going to check your employment references first. If they go to the trouble of checking personal references, they have pretty much decided to offer you a job and the personal references are the final step.

Your-References offers a filtered personal reference service to help insure the success of this final step. We can provide a personal reference that will provide the information to help you secure that job. We can help you level the playing field and have a better chance of employment, but you of course are reasonable to live up to that reference.

When an employer calls for a job reference it is expected that we will have to look it up and read it to them. In the case of a personal reference, the reference needs to actually know the information. There is no time to look it up. This involves a number of specialized skills. In addition, there are other considerations we take into account to make the conversation natural free flowing and be able to answer off-the-cuff questions. This is much more time consuming and complicated than a filtered job reference.

In addition to a local telephone number, each reference is also provided with an email address from one of 25 free email services. More information is provided after signup.

This is a very special service and is expensive to provide. Pricing therefore reflects the special nature of this service.

The personal reference signup is for a period of one month and can be renewed. The personal reference includes handling 4 telephone calls during that month. Generally personal references are called much less frequently than job references so this number should be more than adequate.

Personal References Sign-Up - Male

One Month Reference

Personal Reference - Female

One Month Reference - Female

Personal Reference Checking

We will also check the personal references you are using. Personal Reference Checking is more time consuming thus is more expensive. Our Personal Reference Checking Service fee is $29.95 for the first reference and $19.95 for each additional reference.

The price for additional references only applies when all the reference checking is ordered together at the same time.

Personal Reference Checking-

1 Reference $29.95 and $19.95 Each Additional

Please read the descriptions above for details on checking personal references. This is a separate service from checking employment references. Someone might say they are giving you a good reference when they are not.

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